Quality Control Unit ::  
Quality Policy :  
Marksman has developed unique patented technology platforms for topical, intraoral and oral forms of drug delivery with an space for extending its parenteral units. The technology basket comprises of various drug delivery systems. All technology platforms are supported by clinical trails.  
Quality: Needless to say, Quality is close to our heart.  
"Quality not only we maintain in every single steps of manufacturing but it’s a platform where we always stands on."  
Quality has been an integral part of all our activities and operations. All the raw materials are sourced from dependable vendors. Highly qualified & skilled personnel, on state of the art instruments, perform all these procedures. Stringent in-house specification ensures dependable efficacy, high safety and superior stability. Entire manufacturing operations are automatic, assuring consistent production quality.  
Service: Over looking the profit motive, we manufacture several orphan drugs, which do not have adequate market potential, but are very essential for healthcare needs of the medical profession.
Quality Control Facility :  
Major Instruments ::  
  • TOC Analyzer : Gas Liquid Chromatograph with Head Space with Auto Sampler attachment to estimate very trace level (ppm) of organic volatile /toxic solvents to meet ICH guidelines
  • Total Organic Carbon analyzer with SSM for Cleaning Validation of manufacturing equipment to ensure that product is practically free (ppb level) from previous product.
  • Ultra Pure Water Purification system for HPLC grade water (TOC< 10 ppb and particles < 0.22 micron, Endotoxin < 0.001 cfu/ml.)
  • Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectrophotometer to ensure total identity/ genuineness of the product.
  • Slit to Agar to monitor Viable Count / Area monitoring to ensure that the Production, QC and Stores areas are meeting international standards.
  • Steri Test, a closed concept membrane filtration system for sterility testing to reduce the rate of false positive results.
  • Automatic Glass Ware Washing and Drying Machine to ensure right quality of cleanliness of the glass wares.
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatographs - 2 Nos.
Other Instruments :: Quantity
UV / Visible And IR Spectrophotometers 1
Metrohm Auto Titrator 2
High Performance Thin Layer Chromatograph 1
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 1
Electronic Micro And Semi Microbalances 6
Met One Particle Counter For Non Viable Count 1
Coulter Counter For Suspended Particle Analysis 1
Dissolution Test Apparatus 2
Disintegration And Friability Testers 2
Digital Conductivity, TDS And Ph Meters 3
Digital Polarimeter 1
Auto Clave, LAF, DHS, Depyrogenator 4
Professional Support Systems :  
Water Purification System ::  
  • Establish water supply system, water purification system.
  • All systems are monitored by computer to maintain high-speed cycling and purification around the clock.
  • Seamless plumbing is adopted to prevent any possible contamination.
Air Conditioning System ::  
  • Production areas are divided in to Grade A, B, C and D according to the requirements of the production, and comply with PIC/S standards.
  • Each grade area is supplied with air from its own air conditioning system.
  • The pressure, temperature and humidity of production areas are indicated micro-computer controllers. Alarms will go off in case of any atypical numbers.
Environmental Protection ::  
  • factory is equipped with a computer-controlled incinerator capable of burning at 10000c to ensure that the emission complies with environmental protection specifications.
  • Equipped with advanced computer-controlled dry and wet dust collecting and wastewater processing equipment. The emission is tested and approved to be directed to the disposal station of the sewage treatment factory in the industrial area.